Why Us?


Our belief is that having integrity in all we say and do is vital to our success. This is a value we demand not only corporately and individually, but with our clients and retail partners as well. Word of mouth and referrals have generated a large percentage of our new clients. We encourage a direct dialog with any of our principles as a reference. We deliver on what we say.


For the last 25 years our relationships have been built upon credibility, openness, and trust.  We will never waiver on these core beliefs. We establish mutual expectations from both the vendor and retailer while providing solutions to all parties involved. We work for you.


Relationships are the building blocks of any great partnership.  We look for partners with the same core beliefs that we have.  Our goal is never to simply sign up with a manufacturer just to say we work with them.  We are very selective about the principles and retailers we partner with. We strongly believe in quality not quantity.  We want to find the right fit, so both of our companies can grow together for many years.


The buck stops here.  Service is everything to Private Brands.  Our organization was built on customer service that is second to none.  Everyone in our company is extensively trained to work through problems and develop solutions before making the call to you.  As with anything in business, we are continuously evolving to improve our customer service process as well.